How to create configurable products in Magento 2

What is a configurable product?

Configurable products allow your customers to select variations of products by choosing different options like size, colour, fabric etc. All of them may have separate prices, images or amounts of stock. Each option will have a unique SKU which which makes it possible to track its inventory. On the product page in your store these options will be shown in drop-down lists, as swatch images or buttons.

To create a configurable product follow the steps below:

Step 1. Choose the type of the product

Go to Catalog on the left sidebar of the admin panel and choose Products.

You will be redirected to the table with all the products created in your store. Click on the arrow near Add Product button at the top right corner above the table and select the Configurable Product option from the drop-down list.

Step 2. Enter information about the product

In the opened card of the product fill all the requested fields:

– enter the Product Name (please note that by default the product’s SKU corresponds to its name, but you can change it if needed in the appropriate field below the product name),

– enter Price (please note that this field is required but after creating configurations it will be disabled and the amount entered here will be only used when you skip specifying prices for configurations, otherwise it will not be used at all).

Also you may choose Attribute set, Tax Class, assign product to some Category, upload Image, add Description and so on. These additional parameters are optional. You may check the official user guide to find out how to configure them.

Step 3. Create configurations

Having specified the basic characteristics of the product, expand section Configurations in the product card and press button Create Configurations.

First you need to choose the attributes by checking the boxes next to the appropriate attribute names. Attribute are the options which will be different for different variations of the product and will be shown in drop-down lists on the product page. If there is no necessary attribute in the list press button Add New Attribute.

Please note. For the newly created attribute to be added to the attributes

list it’s option Scope shall have value Global

Once the attributes are chosen press button Next.

Then choose the necessary values of the attributes by checking boxes next to the corresponding values. You can easily select or deselect all the available attribute values by clicking on the Select All or Deselect All active links accordingly. You can also create a new value by clicking Create New Value. The order in which these attributes are shown here is the order in which they will be displayed on the product page. You can change this order by grabbing the corresponding box next to the attribute name.

On the picture below, this box is highlighted in red. Once all the changes are made press button Next.

Now you need to configure Images, Price and Quantity parameters for the variations of products. All of them may have the same or unique images, prices and quantity. Also you may skip these parameters at the moment. Once all the changes are made press button Next.

At last you will see the summary of your variations. If you would like to correct something you may press button Back. Otherwise press button Generate Products.

Important! Once configurations are created you will see the column Weight with empty fields. If you specify the weight the configurations will be created as simple products. Otherwise they will be created as virtual products. Virtual products have no weight as they are non-tangible (memberships, services, warranties, subscriptions, digital products etc.) that is why they will not have shipping step in checkout and shipping costs will not be applied to them.

Having made all the changes press button Save. Now your product is created.

And that’s it! Now you have a configurable product created and you add them to your store with ease!

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